Burna Boy honors Makola Market women with new Billboard

Grammy-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy shared a beautiful picture of the Makola market women posing with their newly mounted billboard as a touching tribute to the vibrant women who jumped onto his City Boys viral challenge.

This heartfelt gesture stemmed from a viral TikTok video created by a Ghanaian popular dancer Official Starter, a member of DWP Academy, for his “Happy Town Project.”

Official Starter collaborated with the spirited market women, choreographing joyful dances to popular songs. Their latest creation featured the women dancing enthusiastically to Burna Boy’s ‘City Boys.’ The video quickly went viral, highlighting their infectious joy for music and dance.

The “Last Last” hitmaker posted a comment under their viral video. Awestruck by the video, the link was then shared in the group chat of Burna Boy’s team, Team Burna, and later on, Burna Boy decided to show appreciation by adorning the Makola billboard with their image, mounted at Makola Market to honour the women.

This act of recognition celebrated the women’s love for music and dance while emphasizing the power of music to unite people.

Netizens have showered praise on Burna Boy for recognizing these unsung heroes, showcasing the positive impact artists can have on their fans and communities.

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