CETAG assures of complying with negotiations with govt

The College of Education Teachers Association (CETAG) has expressed its readiness to comply with ongoing negotiations with government.

This follows calls by the National Labour Commission (NLC) directing its member to go back to the classrooms while the Association continues with its negotiations with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC).

CETAG is expected to report back to the NLC on February 8, 2023.

Speaking to the President of CETAG, Prince Obeng-Himah indicated the Association is law-abiding and will be prepared to go through the process for their quest for better conditions of services to be met.

“We have been law-abiding all along. We have explicitly laid our complaints to the commission, we have indeed been communicating with the commission, and it has been listening to our complaints.

“We have communicated to the Council of CETAG and in the coming hours hopefully Thursday, January 2023, we will come up with a letter on what the FWSC has said,” the President of the College of Education Teachers Association of Ghana said.

CETAG last year 2022, suspended its one-month strike, which distorted the academic calendar in various colleges across the country including the end-of-semester examination.