Charterhouse to Unveil Seven New Award Categories for TGMA- Robert Klah Reveals

Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, Robert Klah, representing the organizers of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA), has announced the introduction of seven new award categories to complement the existing nominations.

These new categories include Producer of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Unsung Artiste of the Year.
Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, Klah emphasized the importance of accuracy in categories like Producer of the Year, where recognition is based on a producer’s hit songs within the year. He clarified that concerns regarding the Sound Engineer of the Year category are addressed, as it is awarded to the producer of the winning Record of the Year.

Klah stated, “Producer of the year is supposed to be based on the number of hits in a year. Because of the omission and error phase, what it means is that the numbers may change. So these categories are going to come out right after the window of omission and error, so that if there’s any correction done, it reflects in the number.”

He explained that these new categories will be announced after the errors and omissions phase, allowing for corrections to be reflected in the final nominations. This phase provides stakeholders with a one-week window to submit concerns about any errors or omissions in the nominations. Klah also mentioned upcoming categories like Unsung Artiste, Music for Good, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Traditional Artiste, totaling about seven new categories to be announced gradually.

“We also have the Unsung Artiste, which is going to be announced this week. And then there are a few others like Music for Good, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Traditional Artiste. I think about seven of them; those are going to be announced over the period,” he stated.

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