Cook-a-thon: ‘Soldierman’ off duty to support wife; Meet Chef Faila’s military husband

Ghanaian chef aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, Chef Faila, has gained attention worldwide during the global competition.

Her spouse, Lt. Reginald Ofosuhene Adjei, is a military member dedicated to ensuring the safety of the public through his tireless service.

As reported by, their splendid wedding took place on November 1, 2020, with no confirmation yet regarding the existence of children, despite speculations about Chef Faila giving birth.

During the cooking marathon, Lt. Reginald Ofosuhene Adjei provided insights in an interview with Gossip 24TV, shedding light on the preparations for the challenge.

He emphasised his role as a military professional, having adequately trained his wife and arranged everything necessary for the cook-a-thon attempt.

“I knew that small training and other. I believe in training a lot and I just figured out that there’s an event that we have done financially. This one is competition it’s meant for. So, yes, money and training, but whatever, I think I was able to.

“I’m here off work because I’m looking for the safety of my wife. Talking to the medical. That’s why I’ve been running. I just want to ensure that I tell them that the record is one way it’s going to change.

He further called on Ghanaians to come out in their numbers and show massive support to Chef Faila in her quest to break the cook-a-thon record.

“I want them to come out in their numbers to support her. So just come, enjoy, tour the place and give the morale. It’s bringing that unity among us.”


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