Design efficient salary administration system – Gamey to Govt

Labour Consultant, Austin Gamey, is calling on government to design an efficient salary administration system that will motivate public sector workers to enhance productivity.

According to the labour consultant, it is high time public sector workers are remunerated well by setting targets and paying them according to their targets.

Austin Gamey spoke on the back of a report released by the Ghana Statistical Service that indicated that over 80% of public sector workers earn less than GH¢3,000.

Out of the 688,000 persons employed by the government, 533,179 of them earn less than GH₵3,000.

The average monthly net salary of public sector employees is GH₵2,594.

The highest paid earner takes home GH₵33,855, which is close to 81 times as high as the net salary of the lowest paid worker (GH₵418).

“People should be paid based on enhanced productivity, the present salary structure that we have which is a notches salary in character and nature is distinctive to enhanced productivity and its flexibility in salary administration.