Digicraft wins Advertising Agency of the Decade Award

Digicraft Company Limited has been adjudged the Advertising Agency of the Decade at the 4th National Communication Awards 2022.

The elegant ceremony which took place over the weekend at the Labadi Beach Hotel, aimed to honor outstanding people and organizations that are advancing Ghana’s communications sector.

Expressing excitement for the award, Chief Executive Officer for Digicraft, Mr. Kwaku T. Danso-Misa, said his company believes in the human potential to accomplish so much more in an environment that is supportive, inspiring and progressive.

He said the company prides itself in the following, efficiency, professionalism, innovation and unique customer experience.

Mr.Kwaku Danso-Misa explained that to sustain and succeed as an indigenous Ghanaian business for nearly 20years in the Marketing Communications space is not easy.

“Competition has been fierce locally and internationally but we’ve stayed relevant, evolving with the digital age and making sure our success reflects that of our partners. When they call on us they know 24/7 we can be reached and we will commit a 100% and more to define and project your brand. So it occupies a valuable space in the minds of your target audience.

“We are thankful to clients who believe in us and always give us the opportunity to serve and also to our families for all the prayers, love and support. God knows the agency job is so demanding and can easily consume you”, he said.

On his part, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Kwasi K. Danso- Misa, also reassured clients and prospective clients of the company’s commitment to ensuring that Digicraft comes up with marketing campaigns that helps clients reach their intended targets as well as differentiate them from other brands.

“Clients should expect our unwavering commitment and support to ensure their brands are successful. At Digicraft we pride ourselves on being a responsive agency to our client’s requests. We strive to improve every year and be a better version of ourselves. Clients can expect a better understanding of the marketing terrain and better marketing and creative strategies to help them differentiate their brands”, he added.

Mr. Kwasi Danso-Misah, explained that Digicraft works with a 7-point strategy framework that ensures that Digicraft’s campaign strategy delivers the success it clients want.

According to him the framework is called the ‘SB7 framework’, which can be found in every compelling story.

“Our approach is to tell our client’s brand story by informing their target customers of the success they stand to gain if they choose their brand. Clients should expect us to ensure that their brands will always stand out and be different when they work with us”, he added.

Outstanding CEO of the year.

In addition to the Agency award, the CEO, Mr. Kwaku T. Danso-Misa also received the CEO of the Year in Marketing award.

Narrating the birth of Digicraft, Mr. Kwaku Danso-Misah shared his story as a very determined young man who had graduated from the university with a brilliant idea borne out of an assignment he did while on campus.

“I was out of university when I birthed the company Digicraft. In fact as a student at the College of Art at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), one of our assignments was to create an identity program for our own business. I remember thinking in the process of doing this assignment, how amazing it would be to actualize this project or dream after University and I did.

“To be honest I did not have any clear vision of what I was creating but I had so much self-belief and was extremely committed to the project. I was everything when I started C.E.O, Creative Director and Designer, Marketer, Production Manager and all this started in my bedroom with the full support and endorsement of my parents”, he said.

He recalled times when clients would want to come to his office and he would respond by saying “because you are so special, I will rather come to you”.

Mr. Kwaku Danso-Misah said the many parts eventually came together over the years and today Digicraft has become a generational brand.

The success journey according to the CEO is also as a result of an internal system that has been put in place to inspire staff members and make sure they are efficient, professional, creative, innovative, and customer-focused.

He said the cultures and values that have brought the company far includes efficiency and the development of an internal system that motivates the team to deliver quality work quickly.

“Secondly, professionalism, understanding the ethics of the craft, and exhibiting respect and humility for each other and the competition. Thirdly, innovation, allowing our minds to think differently, knowing that whatever we are doing, we are offering solutions that differentiate our clients from their competitors. Lastly, I’ll say the customer experience. We show how committed we are to our customers by being available to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week”, he said.

About Digicraft

Digicraft is a marketing company that specializes in creatively and cost effectively positioning products and services. The company offers the full complement of marketing, creative, branding, advertising and public relations services using strategic integrated marketing communications, planning and implementation.

The company has over 19 years of industry experience and has between that period worked with top brands in the country including; Guaranty Trust Bank,  Access Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, TF Financial services, CBG, South African Airways, G-Money, Enterprise Group (EIC, ELAC, EGL AND EP), Kasapreko ,GIHOC Distilleries, Sky Water, Safare Tissues, Blackwell Realty Development, Imperial Homes.