Disaster in waiting: Asutuare residents thread dangerously through patchy bridge

patchy bridgeResidents of Asutuare in the Shai Osudoku district are living in fear as they risk their lives daily to cross a dilapidated bridge hanging loosely over a river.

The bridge which is fast deteriorating links Asutuare, which is in the Greater Accra Region to Akuse and its neighbouring communities in the Eastern region.

From a distance, the deceptive bridge appears to be in good shape. A closer look reveals the danger it is made of, posing as a death trap to thousands.

Some commuters are not able to use the scary bridge built over 50 years ago. It never saw any major renovation until two years ago when some wooden pallets were replaced with metals.

The immediate past assembly member for the area, Sampson Tettey told TV3 the assembly has plans for the bridge.

But he partly blamed the residents for the delay in getting the bridge reconstructed.

He claimed although an alternative route has been provided, residents have refused to use it on the basis that it is not motorable.

Source: tv3network.com

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