Duncan Williams’ wife defends husband’s non-partisanship

Rosa Whitaker
Rosa Whitaker
Rosa Whitaker

Wife of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Rosa Whitaker says her husband does not meddle in partisan politics.

According to her, the archbishop believes that it is important for people to pray for their leaders.

She said many political leaders visit her husband’s church because of the presence of God at the church.

“I don’t think that he is political at all. He is not what I will call political at all, he is very kingdom-minded,” she said.

Rosa Whitaker was speaking in an exclusive interview to TV3 in Washington DC, where she praised her husband for his enormous contribution to her business and career.

According to her, her association with the Archbishop over the past few years has been a blessing to her life.

By Paa Kwesi Asare/TV3/tv3network.com

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