Emmanuel Owusu-Sekyere joins ACET as Director of Research

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) has announced the appointment of Emmanuel Owusu-Sekyere as its Director of Research.

As Director of Research, Emmanuel will lead thought leadership, drive ACET’s research portfolio, and oversee ACET’s Economic Management and Governance program, including managing staff and program fellows and ensuring alignment with ACET’s five-year strategy and theory of change.

“We are excited to have Emmanuel Owusu-Sekyere join the ACET family as Director of Research,” said Mavis Owusu-Gyamfi, ACET Executive Vice President. “His expertise and extensive experience in research on economic transformation will be invaluable to advancing our efforts to assist countries on the continent to make progress towards growth with DEPTH.”

Dr Owusu-Sekyere’s background and experience in applied macroeconomics, economic modelling, financial sector development, and private sector consulting make him uniquely qualified to lead ACET’s research efforts and drive economic growth and development in Africa.

“Until Africa’s economies are transformed, with transformation translating into improved human well-being, their endowments have not translated into real wealth,” said Dr. Owusu-Sekyere. “ACET has taken the lead in driving the economic transformation of the continent, and I am very excited to join ACET on its mission to drive the kind of inclusive growth and sustainable development that Africa needs.”

Emmanuel Owusu-Sekyere holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and has received specialized training in Capital Market Development and Regulation and Measuring Financial Inclusion in Africa. His previous role was Deputy Research Director at the Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg.

He led research on economic transformation, cities and communities, empowerment, jobs, and security on the African continent. He is widely published on issues such as macroeconomic determinants of currency volatility, links between democracy and enhanced economic growth, and the impact of remittances on development outcomes.

Dr. Owusu-Sekyere joined ACET on 16th January 2023.

About ACET

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) is an economic policy institute supporting Africa’s long-term growth through transformation. We produce research, offer policy advice, and galvanize action for African countries to develop their economies, reduce poverty, and improve livelihoods for all their people. We are the pre-eminent African organization advancing African solutions to African challenges.

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