Enforce ban on grains, soya beans export – GRA to Customs Division

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has asked its Customs Divisions in border towns to implement the ban on the exportation of cereals and soya beans.

A communiqué issued by the Assistant Commissioner of the Ghana Revenue Authority to station heads in Tatale, Wonjuga, Bunkpurugu and Saboba stated that grains and soya beans are to be sold to local buyers instead.

In May this year, the government, extended a ban on the export of some grains such as rice and maize to ensure food security as Russia’s war with Ukraine disrupted global food supply chains.

The ban, which took effect in September 2021, was due to expire at the end of March but was extended to September 2022.

The original ban was put in place to ensure that enough grains were available within the country to boost the country’s local poultry and livestock production.