Enough of the paranoia; leave EC to do its work – Dr Gyampo tells Ghanaians

EC boss Charlotte Osei

EC boss Charlotte OseiSenior Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana has asked Ghanaians to shun their paranoia towards the Electoral Commission and give it the needed space to concentrate on delivering a credible election on November 7.


The Electoral Commission has come under intense scrutiny following its refusal to change the voters’ register as requested by some political parties and recently the role of Superlock Technologies Limited (STL) in the management of Ghana’s electoral process.

Speaking on 3FM’s flagship program Sunrise, Dr. Gyampo bemoaned the attitude of some groups towards the EC, observing that paranoia was a major factor in their posture.

“The Electoral Commission is an independent body which has every right to do all these things and it seems we are being too paranoid about everything that the EC does.”

People are raising eyebrows over the Commission’s decision to reassign members of its communication team.

“This is a purely administrative arrangement within its hold… The most important thing is that they are able to conduct elections and deliver results which will be accepted by all and for me if doing this will help them to be able to achieve and deliver on their core mandate then so be it.

“We shouldn’t always be hyping some of these minor things that in my view aren’t so relevant to the conduct of elections.

“Let us leave the Electoral Commission to conduct its work otherwise there cannot be any meaningful discussion of building and strengthening institution of State when everything that the institution does is subjected to unnecessary scrutiny.

“I am not saying we should all be aloof and unconcerned and all that but enough of the paranoia”.


Nana Afrane Asante | tv3network.com

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