Feature new artistes as headliners for events – Mr Eazi

Renowned Nigerian musician and entrepreneur Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, well-known as Mr. Eazi, has charged event organizers and promoters to bill up-and-coming artists at events.

That, he said, was the surest way to build talent and greatly contribute to their growth and development in the industry.

In a media interview about means to promote young talents, Mr. Eazi said that considering the exorbitant fees charged by top-tier artists, it would be wise for them to allow young artists to take the spotlight and help manage the costs associated with organizing concerts.

He emphasized the need for event organizers to manage and promote F-list artists to become D and C artists within a year by billing them to perform at festivals, community concerts, and other popular concerts for A-list musicians.

“Right now, if you are a promoter and you can’t afford A, B, or C artistes, you can book D, E, or F artistes because you can go to a radio station for them to play the songs of those artistes since they don’t have a popularity for people to be familiar with their songs, so that by December the concert would be held, they would gain attention by then,” Mr. Eazi said.

Ensuring up-and-coming or the F-list and D-list artists receive adequate media exposure prior to the event, he stated, would not only help establish their brand but also garner the attention they rightfully deserve when the show finally takes place.

Mr. Eazi, sharing valuable insights on how promoters could effectively groom underground artists emphasized that enabling them to confidently headline major musical concerts without solely relying on A-list performers was the surest way to hone and develop talents for the future.

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