Fool, I am trying to see your blood – Burna Boy threatens to beat Shatta Wale!

Verbal altercation on the internet between Shatta Wale and Burna Boy has taken a nasty turn as the Nigerian singer threatens to beat Shatta Wale to a pulp.

What started as a ‘so-called’ wake up call from Shatta Wale to Ghanaian musicians to stand up against their Nigerian counterparts has become a challenge to draw blood in a fistfight.

“Fool wants to come and sing rubbish. I’m trynna see your teeth and blood on the floor, boy. You talking about signing, Joker,” Burna spat on social media.

This threat from Burna Boy came as a result of him choosing a fistfight over the musical battle proposed by Shatta Wale. According to a post on his Instagram story, Burna Boy revealed that he has been trying for an opportunity to teach Shatta Wale a lesson since January 2021.

He wrote, “This guy thinks I have time @shattawalenima. This ain’t 8Mile. No be rap battle. It’s a fistfight. The type real men do. We can do t anywhere you want. Behind closed doors or in the stadium for the world to see. Stop acting like you don’t know I’ve been trynna set this up since January last year. Consider this an easy way out for you.”

Burna Boy went ahead to trash Shatta Wale’s support system whilst calling Shatta’s godfathers broke.

“I could easily make your life a living hell anywhere you go outside Ghana. You know I got more money than all your godfathers combined.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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