Ghana National Fire Service to make carrying of functioning fire extinguishers mandatory

The Ghana National Fire Service is set to roll out a mandatory policy to compel drivers to keep fire extinguishers in their vehicles at all times. 

The Service says the policy will reduce the rampant outbreak of fires and the damages caused.

Volta Region has been selected for the pilot exercise which is expected to eventually be rolled out across the country.

According to the GNFS, incidents of vehicular fires have been on the rise in recent times in the Volta Region prompting the piloting of the exercise in that region.

Speaking to Citi News, the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service ACFO1 Timothy Osafo-Affum called on all vehicle owners to comply.

He indicated that vehicular fires have climbed up the outbreaks ladder to the fourth position.

“Recent statistics indicate that vehicular fires have gone up as of December 2022. Vehicular fires were the fourth-highest outbreaks that we recorded, and we didn’t understand the factors responsible for the outbreaks.

“However, one of the reasons for the outbreaks was the drivers’ lack of knowledge of fire management and the non-availability of fire extinguishers in their vehicles.”

“Anytime there is fire on any accident scene, and we get there, you will realize that the vehicle will be burnt out and so if we have these fire extinguishers at hand, once the fire starts, you can deal with it, and it will help reduce the damage caused by the fires.”

Fire outbreaks increased in the first half of 2022 with 3,678 outbreaks recorded across the country.

Forty-four fires were recorded on 2022 Christmas Day and the Fire Service is working to resolve the causes and have them reduced to the barest minimum.