GTS signs MoUs to promote economic growth and development in Africa 

Gulf Technologies Systems (GTS) has recently signed several memorandums of understanding (MOU) with key entities in African countries including Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Central Africa, Guinea Conakry, and Uganda.

These MOUs are aimed at promoting economic growth and development in these countries by establishing new projects in key sectors such as agriculture, agro-industry, energy, water, education, and light industry.

The cooperation between GTS and the community leaders in these countries is crucial for the success of these projects.

With the support of the United Nations Federations (UNF) in Africa, GTS and the local communities will work together to create a solid foundation for the implementation of these projects, with the goal of improving the quality of life for residents and promoting sustainable economic growth.

Agriculture and agro-industry play a critical role in the economies of many African countries, and the development of these sectors is expected to create jobs, increase food production and food security, and provide a source of income for local communities.

Similarly, the development of energy and water projects will provide much-needed infrastructure and services to these communities, improving the quality of life for residents and attracting investment from other sectors.

Education and light industry are also critical components of economic growth and development, providing the knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation and progress.

These projects will not only benefit the local communities but will also contribute to global efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote sustainable development.

The partnership between GTS and the local communities is critical for building trust and promoting sustainable development. This collaboration will provide the foundation for the successful implementation of these projects and ensure that the benefits are shared by everyone.

With the full cooperation of the UN Federations in Africa, GTS and the local communities will work together to create a brighter future for the people of these countries.

In conclusion, the signing of these MOUs by Gulf Technologies Systems is a significant step forward in promoting economic growth and development in Africa. By working together with local communities and with the support of the Union Nations Federations in Africa, GTS is helping to build a stronger, more productive and sustainable future for the people of these countries.

This cooperation is vital for the development of a strong economy and a productive community and will pave the way for a more prosperous and equitable future for all.

About Gulf Technology Systems

GTS (Global Technology System) is an Israeli company that specializes in integrating Israeli high-tech technologies, countries and government bodies in the GCC’s, in light of the new peace agreement and the normalization of relations between the countries.

The founder of GTS, Samuel Shay, also heads the Israel-United Arab Emirates Business Forum, whose main goal is to turn the warm political relations between the countries into business ties between GCC’s and Israelis.

GTS provides creative ideas, the most advanced technologies in the world, and the best minds that have conceived them.

The leading technology company also provides training to locals who can operate the projects, while reducing dependence on foreign workers

GTS, currently operates on full-scale cooperation between Israel, GCC’s and African countries for full tripartite activity between the countries.