I’ve never seen a beach with so much trash – American tourist ‘disgusted’ by filthy Ghana beach

A beach resort in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, has recently faced criticism from a frustrated tourist who took to social media to express her disappointment at the deplorable state of the city’s beach. The tourist, an African American woman, highlighted the stark contrast between the city’s reputation as to what she described as an expensive place to live and the shocking conditions she encountered during her visit to a beach in the city.

In a video shared on Twitter by Sikaofficial on June 16, 2023, the unidentified visitor, can be seen walking along a beach in Accra while capturing the surroundings to expose the overwhelming amount of trash scattered across the coastline. The sight of littered shores and murky water left her astounded, prompting her to express her frustration and concern about the city’s waste management and plastic pollution issues.

Expressing her dismay, she questions how a city known for its high cost of living could allow its beaches to deteriorate to such an appalling state full of filth.

“The worst thing about Accra,” she stated in the video. “How is this city one of the most expensive cities to live on this continent, and the beach looks like this? It’s disgusting. I have never ever in my life seen a beach with so much trash on it. Look at the trash in the water, look how brown the water is. It’s a disgrace, it’s a disgrace. We have a plastic problem, we have a waste management problem, and we have a responsibility… I don’t get it.”

A social media user who also commented on the said post, wrote “As a tourist, visiting new places is always an exciting experience. However, it can be disappointing when your expectations are not met. This was the case for a lady who recently visited the beaches of Ghana, which is known to be the most expensive beach destination in Africa.

“The lady, who had heard so much about the beautiful beaches of Ghana, was excited to finally visit and experience the beauty of the coastline. She arrived at her hotel, which was located near the beach, and was immediately struck by the high cost of everything.

“She found that some of the facilities were not well-maintained and the service was not up to par with what she had experienced in other beach destinations.

Overall, the lady left Ghana feeling disappointed and frustrated. While she appreciated the natural beauty of the beaches.”

Watch the video below:

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