How Fancy Gadam responded to the 17 attendees of his concert

Ghanaian musician, Mujahid Ahmed Bello popularly known as Fancy Gadam has recounted the struggles he went through at the initial stages of his music career.

According to his narration, it took him four years to come up with his first album in 2010 when he gained recognition in the Northern regional capital, Tamale as a musician.

The artist disclosed that he experienced heartbreak after his inaugural concert in the Upper West Region, specifically in Wa, where only seventeen (17) attendees were present. Undeterred by the low turnout, he persevered, delivering a performance that showcased his potential, with the hope that those in attendance would spread the word to others.

“My first show in the Upper West was a flop show,” he said. “Because I was thinking I’m very big in the North. I’m very big in Tamale, so I can venture to these places. Not knowing when you are big in someplace, doesn’t mean you are big everywhere.”

He continued: “So my first show in Upper West, that is in Wa, I had about 17 people who showed up but I performed,” Fancy Gadam made these remarks in an interview with JoyPrime TV.

When Fancy Gadam was quizzed on how he felt after 17 people showed up at his concert in Wa, he responded, “You know how it feels? Heartbreaking. But I told my team to put it in their minds that the place is filled to the capacity. We should make sure we deliver well to the people who came to the event.

“And then we did. We did our best to perform very well for the 17 people. And then the following year, the 17 people started spreading my name in Upper West and that’s how I became popular.

“They told me, they’ve been saying, ‘That guy is a good performer because I’m a dancer as well.’ So even if you don’t understand what I’m saying, maybe on stage you would feel the energy.”

Fancy Gadam is one of the renowned musicians in Ghana whose song titled ‘Total Cheat’ won the Most Popular Song of the Year in 2018 at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Source: GhanaWeb

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