How many musicians have been able to sell 24 million copies of CDs in Ghana? – Sadiq Abdulai questions Socrate Safo

A spokesperson for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sadiq Abdulai Abu has questioned Socrate Safo on how successful musicians in Ghana have been through the sales of CDs.

His question comes after Socrate Safo, a staunch member of the NPP stated in an interview on Happy FM that musicians can still make money by selling CDs because the traditional way of selling songs is still big and can earn them more income.

But after King Promise had about 24 million streams on Spotify with his ‘As Promised’ album, Sadiq asked Socrate in a post on Facebook if any Ghanaian musician has been able to sell 24 million copies of CDs.

He posed the question by sharing a post about the feat attained by King Promise.

Sadiq wrote on: “Using Socrates Safo analogy to support his “it’s profitable to sell CDs than digital streams” let me find out which talent in the history of Ghana ever sold 24 million CDs in their lifetime?
PS// apparently the highest record sales ever recorded in Ghana before digital streaming is 1 million copies by Nana ACHEAMPONG (not sure the source of this info)”

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