I almost joined occultism before I met Bullet – Wendy Shay

Popular Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay has opened opened up about her journey in the music industry and her encounter with occultism, saying she might have ventured into it if not for her meeting with her current manager, Bullet.

The “Heaven” hit-maker, shared her experiences during an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz-FM on September 28. She revealed that upon her return to Ghana from Germany, she had embarked on a quest to find a higher power.

“Around 2020/2021, I wanted to find spirituality for myself,” Wendy Shay explained.

When questioned about whether she delved into occultism as part of her spiritual exploration, she clarified that she “didn’t really go too deep” into it.
Instead, she had been in contact with her grandfather, who had expertise in such practices before meeting her current manager, Bullet.

“I wanted to start practicing those things, but then I met Bullet right when I really wanted to get deep into those things,” Wendy Shay added.

According to Wendy Shay, Bullet had advised her to attend church with him before signing her to Rufftown Records as an artist. He explained that for her star to shine, she needed to align herself with his power, which he identified as the light of Jesus Christ.

“He told me he follows the light, and the light is Jesus Christ, and for me to be in alignment with him, I had to go to church with him.”

Wendy Shay admitted that initially, she attended church with Bullet for the sake of being signed as an artist. However, she had a encounter during one of these church visits when “the Holy Ghost just arrested me.”

She further explained that her decision to settle with Christianity in her quest for spirituality stemmed from the challenges she faced in her life and the music industry.

“Because of the things I had faced in my life and in the industry. It opened my eyes to the spirituality of this world, we all know how crazy the industry is, there are so many dark forces here. So I knew I had to find protection, and that was God,” she said.

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