‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’: Sue Yvonne Nelson if you feel defamed – Journalist tells Sarkodie

Award-winning Ghanaian Journalist and showbiz pundit, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, has said rapper Sarkodie has the free will to slap a lawsuit against actress Yvonne Nelson should he feel defamed by the revelation in her recently released memoir ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’.

According to the journalist, the BET Awards winning rapper has various available options for him in a rebuttal to the latter’s book.

“If Sark feels his image defamed by the shocks in the books, he can sue for defamation,” he remarked on United Showbiz hosted by MzGee.

Arnold also stated that the rapper can include breach of privacy in his legal suit, write a book in response to the claims or otherwise stay mute on the subject.

“He can also take action for breach of privacy, or in a response, he can equally write a book or rather choose not to respond,” he said.

He added, “Every name mentioned in the book has every right to take action should they feel defamed by the content.”

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and award-winning actress Yvonne Nelson on JUne, 18, 2023 released a bombshell in her latest book “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson”, which was held at the Peduase Valley Resort chronicles Yvonne Nelson’s journey to date.

In the book revealed that she indeed had an abortion for rapper Sarkodie. In the memoir, Yvonne Nelson details how she found out she was pregnant for Sarkodie and what happened after she had informed the rapper. 

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