I don’t support Anti-LGBTQ+ bill because it violates human rights – M.anifest

Popular Ghanaian rapper, M.anifest has added his voice to the passage of Ghana’s draft Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values bill (Anti-LGBTQ+), currently under consideration in parliament.

According to him, he does not support the passage of the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

Explaining his reasons, he indicated that the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill if passed, would be a gross violation of human rights because such individuals are entitled to do what they deem fit.

He continued that although he does not support gay and lesbianism, criminalizing it would be an infringement upon the rights of the persons who are involved hence, he does not concur with the passage of the Anti-LQBTQ+ bill which is under consideration in parliament.

Speaking in an interview with Pulse TV, M.anifest emphasized that religious beliefs cannot be relied upon to criminalize an act that breaches the human rights of those involved.

“I am not in support of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill. I’m not in support of anything that is a human rights violation. I think a lot of things in life are very basic. My viewpoints in life in terms of human rights are very basic.

“You can have disagreements whether it’s religious or whatever, but when it comes to human rights, it’s quite clear. It’s not here to infringe on anybody’s rights, whether you disagree or not. So then that’s quite simple. And that cuts across, for me, that’s a basic thing in life,” he said.

The Anti-LGBTQ+ bill is currently under consideration in parliament and it is championed by the Member of Parliament for the Ningo-Prampram constituency, Sam Nartey George.

Some celebrities in the country have voiced concerns against the bill citing human rights violations.

It remains to be seen whether the bill would be passed by parliament or not.

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