I got depressed after childbirth – Selina Boateng

Popular Ghanaian gospel artiste Selina Boateng has shared her experience of battling depression following the birth of her child. The artist, who delivered in the United States of America, revealed that she found herself crying without any apparent reason, attributing the emotional turmoil to postpartum depression.

“I was depressed after I gave birth,” she said. “A week after I gave birth in the US, I became depressed. I was saddened and could cry unprovoked. It is called postpartum depression. It lasted for about three weeks. That was when the weight gain started; I don’t know how it all started.”

The musician was addressing issues relating to how she gained weight during an interview on The Delay Show.

Contrary to suggestions that she gained weight due to excessive eating, the musician attributed her stature to the aftermath of childbirth.

“I feel very bad by the act of body-shaming, especially in the context of postpartum weight gain,” she said. “I am not alone in experiencing changes in my body after childbirth; it is a natural process. While some comments serve as motivation for me to embark on a weight loss journey, others are unnecessarily rude.”

Meanwhile, Selina Boateng has expressed her commitment to shedding weight, noting that she is actively engaged in the process. To achieve significant weight loss, she mentioned her consistent attendance at the gym for regular exercise.

“I’m very active. It’s been sixteen days but it has been worth it. I know I have a long way to go,” she said.

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