I have signed $100M record deal – Ja Rule reveals

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 07: Rapper Ja Rule attends the New Era In Florida Gaming Event at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood on December 07, 2023 in Hollywood, Florida. (Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Legendary American rapper Ja Rule is back after being off for more than a decade.

The rapper took to social media to announce he’s “in album mode” and signed a potentially massive new label deal.

But the news wasn’t met with universal excitement, igniting a fiery online debate.

Eight Figures or Fantasy?

Ja Rule’s claim of a potentially $100 million deal sent shockwaves online. Some fans were ecstatic, eager to witness the rapper’s return to form. Others, however, were sceptical, questioning the validity of the announcement.

Clapping Back at the Doubters

Ja Rule, known for his fiery spirit, wasn’t about to let the doubters win. He unleashed a series of posts, addressing the naysayers head-on. From sharing performance clips showcasing his enduring popularity to calling out “haters” and “d**k riders,” the rapper didn’t hold back. He even rallied his fans, urging them to “clap back” at his detractors.

Beyond the Hype: Music and Milestones

While the label deal’s details remain unknown, Ja Rule confirmed he’s already in “full album mode,” hinting at a new project titled “#CWWTST.” His upcoming Sunrise Tour with Lloyd, Mya, and Keri Hilson also suggests an artist actively engaged in the music scene.

The Verdict: Fans Decide

Ultimately, the music will determine whether Ja Rule’s comeback lives up to the hype. The online debate is just the first chapter in the story of his return.

Will the new album resonate with fans old and new? Only time will tell.

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