I want Sarkodie’s songs to be banned for sometime -Blakk Rasta

Controversial Ghanaian reggae/kuchoko singer and radio personality, Abubakar Ahmed, popularly known as Blakk Rasta says that if he had his own way, Sarkodie’s music will be banned for some time following what he thinks is derogatory to womanhood on Try Me released on Tuesday, June 27.

Making a submission on UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday, July 1,  Blakk Rastapointed out that it was very wrong for the award winning rapper to give a negative labelling to Yvonne as a street girl.

Describing Sarkodie’s response as harsh to Yvonne’s claims of having an abortion for him in 2010, he said the Countryside hit – maker went too low.

“Sarkodie’s song is nothing. If I had my own way, I will strip him off all of his ambassadorial deals. I will ban his music for a certain period.

“This is a woman who didn’t have a father. Up till now, there’s no father in her life. This is a woman who has gone through hell, she almost won Miss Ghana and something happened making her miss the crown.

“So I expect Corporate Sarkodie who wants everybody to see him as the Industry’s darling boy, and a gentleman to come out with this vulgarity. You are for the streets so you slept with a street girl. That is very immature.

“Go into the bible, there are prostitutes. God even used a prostitute to save Israel. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute so you don’t look down on people like that. Who advises Sarkodie? What Yvonne wrote is a masterpiece and I feel good when I read it,” Blakk Rasta said.

Blakk Rasta noted that he would have been happier if Yvonne had equally mentioned names like the lesbian Nollywood actress and the Nigerian actor who took drugs on set since they were subjects of interests as well.

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