I wasn’t privy to weighty decisions on National Cathedral – Bishop Dag

The founder of the LightHouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has revealed that he was kept in the dark over major decisions on the National Cathedral despite being a member of the Board of Trustees.

He said he wasn’t aware of a decision to build a biblical garden and museum as part of the National Cathedral project which resulted in a massive price change to the project.

In his resignation letter to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the former Executive Director of the National Cathedral also stated that he only found out a lot of facts about the project in the press.

“I am unaware of and not involved with the decision that a biblical garden and museum should be added to the project resulting, in a massive price change to the project. I am unaware of how the cost of the gardens and the Bible Museum were arrived at.

“As a trustee, I equally read in the news of many issues concerning the National Cathedral, and I am as surprised as the public about many of the facts.”

Bishop Dag in his letter sighted by Citi News, said: “l have therefore accepted for some time now that I am not a trustee of the National Cathedral, but I have still sought to help with the Cathedral because I believe in the President’s vision and I do not have to be a legally registered trustee to do so. I refer to myself in this letter as a trustee because even though l am not privy to most of the weighty decisions of the Board I am referred to as such.”

Bishop Heward-Mills added that trustees were gagged from answering pertinent issues about the project to the press.

“The fact that trustees do not know what is going on is affirmed by the fact that at a point, we were asked not to answer questions about the National Cathedral to the press and only one person was supposed to speak to the press. If we are trustees who are managing the business of the Cathedral, how come we cannot reasonably answer any questions concerning the Cathedral? Indeed, it is because we truly do not know much about what is happening that we were told not to answer questions in the press.”

He also said questions being asked by Ghanaians about the National Cathedral project are legitimate.

With regard to the fund-raisers, he lamented that the methods used over the years had not yielded much hence the need to review their strategy.

“I do believe that the fund-raising methods we have attempted have not yielded much. Indeed, some of the programmes we have held have cost more than the monies we have raised from them. I suggest another form of fund-raising where we would be guaranteed more donations from denominations, churches, individuals, businessmen and corporate bodies. I would be happy to discuss these if the committee is interested in that.”