I won’t change my lyrics because some people can’t understand – M.anifest

Award-winning rap icon M.anifest has clarified that he will not simplify his lyrics just because some classes of people claim not to understand him.

According to him, he will continue to play with words and challenge the brains of people with his lyrics because that is what he stands for.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz FM, the “God MC” Rapper compared his music to mining indicating that surface mining does not give miners the best gold but rather digging deep does.

“So this thing about big English, I use, I’m in the business of words so I’m not going to limit what I say. I’m just going to come and say Baby wine your waist.

I’m not going to limit it. My lyrics are understandable but you can also dig deeper for more. In life, the most precious things are found deeper in the earth. Mining is not done on the surface, when you want the precious minerals you dig deep,” he said.

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