I’d have been the best if I was still in radio – KKD


Ace broadcaster Kwesi Kyei Darkwa says he would have been the best radio presenter in Ghana if he was still in the industry.

Popularly known as KKD, coined from his full name, the former radio presenter is also known as ‘The Finest’.

His speech abilities, fashion sense and ever young attitude are some of the traits that are well known about him.

KKD got into media before he knew that is where he wanted to be, he always says.

He found his ‘calling’ early as his parents had record shops and an enterprise that promoted select West African musicians in the early ‘70s.

Perhaps being in the company of great musicians like Nana Kwame Ampadu as a toddler helped shape his dream.

In an exclusive interview with 3news.com, the ace broadcaster described the current trend of radio presentation as worrying and pathetic.

“If I was on radio now I will be number one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and others will start from eleven.

“It’s too easy and people are making it so complicated because there are too many errors and it’s pathetic.

“The thing is if you choose to do something then you have to do it well that’s all. You listen to radio now and you hear people saying ‘Oh yeah say it again, I’m sure the police are listening’.

“The police do not sit at the police station tuning in to your radio station because there are too many radio stations.

“If the police were all to be asked to tune in to radio stations, they wouldn’t do their work so what the radio station should do is take the complaints and have one of their interns call the direct line of the police and tell them immediately but don’t announce that I’m sure the police are listening.

“Nearly every radio station is doing this and it’s really worrying and some of these errors are just too basic and it’s worrying.”

By Nana Afrane Asante|3news.com|Ghana

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