If it weren’t for Highly Spiritual, I wouldn’t be where I am now – Kurl Songx

Ghanaian singer Kelvin Agyekum, known as Kurl Songx, attributes much of his success to Highly Spiritual Records in his musical journey. While winning the MTN Hitmaker competition in 2016 brought initial recognition, his collaboration with Highly Spiritual Records played a pivotal role in thrusting him into the spotlight.
In an interview on Xzone on TV XYZ with Afia Owusu, Kurl songx expressed gratitude, stating, “Where I am now, if it weren’t for Highly Spiritual, I wouldn’t be here.”

Acknowledging the common trend of artists parting ways with their record labels for growth, Kurl Songx emphasized the importance of artist management in his career. He believes that exploring different opportunities is natural for artists seeking progress.
Despite parting ways with Highly Spiritual Records, he stressed the beneficial impact of proper management on his career, stating, “It’s important for us to grow.”

Remarkably, Kurl Songx disclosed that he is currently not under any management after his departure from Highly Spiritual Records.

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