“I’m voted worst dressed in Nigeria every year, but I don’t care about fashion and glam,” says DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy, born Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, opened up about the challenges she faces in the world of showbiz, specifically highlighting the criticism she receives for her fashion choices.
She candidly mentioned that she is consistently voted the worst dressed in Nigeria every year but made it clear that these opinions don’t bother her.
I’m voted like worst dressed in Nigeria every year…literally,” she said on Famouz TV.

Cuppy drew attention to the fashion disparity between herself and her sister, Temi, acknowledging Temi’s excellent taste.

“Oh my God, she’s so hot! I genuinely don’t have her genes nor her fashion sense. People look at us, they’re like there’s no way we’re ralated. We’re literally 3 years apart,” she clarified.

Despite the critiques, Cuppy maintains a nonchalant attitude towards fashion and glamour. She expressed that she doesn’t particularly care about looking glamorous and admitted that her team often has to convince her to adopt a more polished appearance, especially for television. Her preference leans towards a laid-back style that resonates with her personal comfort.

“I don’t care about fashion.i don’t care about glam and looks and stuff.”

“The worst thing about my job I always say is glam. My team have to beg me…you’ll see me on tv looking really good  and then you’ll just see me in the club, you’ll be like oh my God. I don’t even like wearing makeup, I can’t even lie. I don’t even wear lashes. I never wear lashes . You’ll never find me wearing lashes. I don’t do my nails,” she shared.

Born on November 11, 1992, DJ Cuppy is a Nigerian DJ and producer renowned for her vibrant personality and affection for the color pink. As the daughter of Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola, she spent her formative years in Lagos before relocating to London at the age of 13.

Despite the fashion criticisms she faces, Cuppy remains steadfast in her unique approach to entertainment and continues to leave her mark in the industry.

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