I’ve been paid less for being a woman – Jacinta

Comedian Jacinta Ocansey has opened up about experiencing gender-based discrimination in the creative arts industry.
In a recent interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z with Kwame Dadzie, Jacinta revealed instances where she was paid less than her male counterparts for similar projects, prompting her to turn down roles to protest the pay disparity.

Jacinta shared how she proactively reached out to her male colleagues to compare compensation figures, discovering significant discrepancies. This led her to reject offers where she felt undervalued, asserting her right to negotiate for better pay.

The comedian also shed light on the broader issue of gender bias in the industry, citing unfair treatment and instances where event organizers labeled women as “difficult to manage,” denying them opportunities. She expressed frustration at the industry measuring women based on gender rather than qualifications and abilities.

Contrary to the misconception that being a woman makes it easier in the industry, Jacinta highlighted the added challenges women face. She questioned the notion that women need to compromise to advance in their careers, emphasizing that it’s tougher for women and challenging the stereotype that success for women is tied to personal relationships rather than merit.

“I think it’s funny when people say that ‘because you are a woman is easier for you in the industry’.

“No, it’s actually tougher when you’re a woman. How many people want to sleep with a man before they help him?”she quizzed.

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