Leaked Texts: Popular Influencer Hayford’s girlfriend dumps him after his gay video sparked online

A popular Ghanaian influencer known as Hayford has been dumped by his lover, allegedly identified as Cindy.

This call comes after Hayford was caught in an act doing unimaginable things with another man – the trans personality Headucator.

After the video went viral, a supposed chat between him and his girlfriend surfaced, showing his girlfriend has broken up with him.

In the chat, Hayford begged her girlfriend, Cindy to stay with him and help him out but she turned down his request.

According to her, even Hayford’s own friends won’t forgive him how much more her!

Hayford insisted he isn’t gay but only did what he did for money but Cindy was not in a forgiving mood.

Swipe to check out the alleged chats below.

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