Listen: It’s time – Opoku Sanaa

After a period of silence, the Ghana music scene is about to witness a thrilling resurgence as Opoku Sanaa, renowned Ghanaian bass player, composer and music entrepreneur, gears up for a long-awaited comeback. Sanaa, whose innovative initiatives, including the Bass Clinic Music Seminar and PL Crew, left a significant mark on the industry, has announced that he will be releasing both a new album and an intriguing book in January 2024. This announcement has ignited excitement among fans and music enthusiasts who have eagerly anticipated his return.

The Big Reveal

Opoku Sanaa made his return official during an exclusive interview with Big Hass on Pulse 95 Radio, a popular radio station in the United Arab Emirates. In the interview, Sanaa expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming releases, stating that the time is ripe for a fresh musical journey. This revelation set the stage for his fans, who have been eagerly waiting for new music and insights from the talented bass player and music entrepreneur.

Sanaa’s Past Work

Opoku Sanaa is no stranger to the music scene, having already established himself as a formidable force with his past albums. His earlier works, including “Sound Optics” and “The Greatest Mixtape,” showcased his unique blend of musical styles and his virtuosic bass playing skills. These albums not only garnered critical acclaim but also garnered a dedicated fan base that has eagerly awaited his return.

In addition to his music, Sanaa is known for his contributions to the education and growth of the Ghana music industry. He is the founder of the annual Bass Clinic Music Seminar, a seminar initially conceived as a specialized workshop exclusively for bass players but rapidly evolved over time, expanding its scope to encompass musicians of all kinds.

Achievements with PL Crew

In 2011, he co-founded The PL Crew band, a dynamic group of musicians who have made a significant impact in the Ghana music industry till date. Alongside being a co-founder and the bass player, he assumed the role of President and CEO of the group till 2016.

What to Expect in 2024

As Opoku Sanaa prepares for his 2024 releases, fans and music enthusiasts can anticipate a captivating fusion of his signature bass-driven sound with new and exciting elements. His upcoming album promises to be a sonic journey that will not only pay homage to his previous work but also showcase his growth as an artist.

Furthermore, his book release is generating significant buzz. While the details of the book remain undisclosed, it is expected to offer fans and music lovers a deeper insight into the mind and creative process of the prolific artist.

Opoku Sanaa’s return to the music scene is a cause for celebration among fans and music aficionados. With a history of groundbreaking music, educational contributions, and collaborations, his comeback promises to be a remarkable event in the music industry. As the world eagerly awaits January 2024, when his album and book are set to drop, it’s clear that Opoku Sanaa’s influence will continue to resonate for years to come. His music is sure to be a harmonious journey, and his book will be a valuable addition to the world of music literature.

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