LISTEN: Mr Logic, Shatta Wale release diss songs amid online banter

The beef between dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, and artiste manager and industry pundit, Mr Logic, has escalated to a musical showdown, as both parties have released diss songs aimed at each other.

The diss tracks come after a series of heated exchanges on social media, where the two traded insults and accusations.

The feud started when Shatta Wale posted a list of eight individuals on Facebook on December 29, whom he claimed were hindering the growth of the music industry.

The list included Akwasi Aboagye, Andy Dosty, Arnold, Ola, Mr Logic, Bullgod, Sally, and Abeiku Santana.

Bullgod, who was once Shatta Wale’s manager, reacted to the post by vowing to haunt Shatta Wale like a ghost.

This provoked Shatta Wale, who blasted Bullgod and Mr Logic in a live video, alleging that they were beggars and adulterers.

Mr Logic responded by denying the allegations and allegedly exposing Shatta Wale’s secrets.

He said that he helped Shatta Wale when he was homeless and broke, and that he gave him the idea of “Dancehall King,” which became his breakthrough song.

He also accused Shatta Wale of sending nude pictures to his ex-partner’s girlfriend, spreading false rumours about Jupita, having a threesome with Moesha Budong, and betraying his girlfriend, Shatta Michy.

He also called Shatta Wale a liar and a disgrace to the music industry.

Shatta Wale fired back by refuting the claims and flaunting his money.

He said that Moesha Budong was just a friend, and that Mr Logic was a liar and a failure.

He told his fans to ignore Mr Logic and other critics who had nothing to offer the entertainment industry.

The verbal war turned into a musical battle when Mr Logic released a track titled “Murderline” on January 4, which many have interpreted as a diss song against Shatta Wale.

The song talks about someone being taught a lesson.

Following that, Shatta Wale retaliated by also releasing a diss song titled “Digital Beggar” on the same day, which mocks Mr Logic for being poor and begging for money.

The diss songs have sparked mixed reactions from fans and observers, who are divided over who has the upper hand in the feud.

Some have praised the songs as creative and entertaining, while others have condemned them as disrespectful and unnecessary.

The feud between Shatta Wale and Mr Logic seems to show no signs of ending soon, as both parties seem determined to prove their points and defend their reputations.

The question is, at what cost?

– Ghanaweb

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