Looking into the crystal ball: Ofosu-Dorte’s 10 predictions for 2023

Executive Chairman of AB & David Law Firm, David Ofosu-Dorte has made some global projections for 2023.

These global trends, which range from geopolitics to economics to technology, are intended to help define emerging government operations.

On the Point of View on Citi TV on the topic, ‘looking into the crystal ball’, Mr. Ofosu-Dorte made the following predictions for this year:

1. The IMF’s aim of 2.7 percent average growth will be surpassed globally. It will improve, increase, and surpass three percent.

2. The US dollar won’t decline or sink any further. Its demand as a reserve currency has peaked and risen to its highest level.

3. China to be more involved in the new cold and economic “war”.

4. Europe will have weak growth and recession.

5. Xi Jinping, President of China, will receive a third nod.

6. The Middle East will undergo the emergence of a new Wall Street, with the Egyptian Pound perhaps becoming Africa’s first convertible currency.

7. Expect more African infrastructure deals. Such investments will be funded by the EU and other donors. Accra, Ghana will be named the new UNESCO book capital, There’ll be an increase in tourism in Africa. Consider the possibility of a coup. In the event of another coup in Africa, the Wagner group will be implicated.

8. With an average growth rate of more than 5.5 percent, the top 10 economies in Africa will be Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Senegal, South Sudan, Rwanda, Togo, Uganda, and the Gambia.

9. Nigeria Elections: More like Bola Ahmed Tinubu, second round is a possibility and might completely alter the situation. The wild card is still Peter Obi.

10. General and wild cards: AI news will be widely available given ChatGPT. Microsoft Bing might challenge Google. Tesla will face serious danger. China is probably going to introduce a rival to ChatGPT.

Watch the full video below: