Mall shop rent in Accra is 2.5 times higher than in the US – Report

Bright Simons, the Vice President of IMANI Africa is of the assertion that renting a shop in a mall in Accra costs almost triple the amount paid for in the United States.

He asserted disclosing in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that Cabo Corso, a burger joint, owes Accra Mall rent worth $170,000 and $8,000 utility bills.

According to Mr Simons, the burger joint was paying $10,500 in rent a month.

He bemoaned the exorbitant amount being charged with the statement, “That’s a lot of burgers, chips & soda!”

For Mr Simons, this case sheds so much light on an ongoing study of the Accra real estate market. He concluded that “Mall rent in Accra can be 2.5x that of the US.”

“Rent in the western-style real estate spaces in Africa is driven more by hope than by math. The Mall was willing to let rent pile up for 16 months rather than show too much vacant space & also bcos of hope,” he further added.

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