Mary drops another bombshell; claims Kuami Eugene faked her birthday just to chase clout on social media

Mary, the ex-house help to Kuami Eugene has been trending on social media for some weeks now after revealing her monthly salary and expressing concerns about her treatment in the musician’s house

Responding to accusations of ingratitude, Mary has provided clarifications on a particular incident surrounding her birthday celebration.

Recall that Mary faced public backlash after disclosing that she received GHS400-600 while working for Kuami Eugene as a monthly salary.

After the revelation, critics labelled her as ungrateful, pointing out instances where the musician reportedly treated her well, including a birthday celebration.

However, Mary has now shed light on the controversy, explaining in a recent interview.

Contrary to the perception created by some reports, Mary has clarified that the birthday decorations in question were not intended for her.

According to her, Kuami Eugene took her to the Capitol to have dinner on the eve of her birthday.

While there, they saw someone else’s birthday decor, and the musician suggested that she pose in front of it for a photo to be posted on her actual birthday.

Mary emphasized that she simply followed her boss’s instructions and posed for the pictures, which were later shared by Kuami Eugene to wish her a happy birthday.

Unfortunately, certain blogs misinterpreted the situation, reporting that the musician had thrown a party for his house help.

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