My first-ever broken heart experience was secretly with married man – Sista Afia opens up

Ghanaian songstress Sista Afia recently opened up about a heartbreaking betrayal she experienced in a past relationship, shedding light on a previously unknown chapter of her life.

In an interview with Emelia Brobbey, Sista Afia opened up about how this betrayal influenced her perspective on relationships.

Sista Afia admitted that she had a strong desire to embrace the excitement of youth and explore love to its fullest, which led her to enter into a relationship with the wrong person, unaware of the impending heartbreak that awaited her.

According to her, the first warning sign came when she discovered that her partner had fathered a child with another woman, however, blinded by love, she chose to accept the situation and continue the relationship.

The crushing blow came when Sista Afia discovered that her lover had actually married someone else while they were still together, and this revelation shattered her belief in the existence of unconditional love and left her deeply hurt.

“At a point, I let go, and I became happy because sometimes when a partner harbours certain negative feelings, God reveals them to you early.

“So I felt relieved like blessed. It became a learning point for me for any future relationship. I tell any potential partner what I’ve gone through so they don’t repeat such actions,” she said.

Although she chose not to disclose all the details of the ordeal, she expressed her shock and disappointment, as she never expected her long-term partner to act so heartlessly.

The experience has not been in vain for Sista Afia. Instead, it has become a valuable lesson in love and relationships. She shared her newfound wisdom, emphasizing, “Having learned the hard way, I now understand that having fewer expectations can lead to fewer disappointments.”

She stated that she realized that sometimes, God intervenes and reveals the negative intentions of a partner early on and this realization brought her a sense of relief and blessings.

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