MzVee: My mum will kill me if I drop out of school



Female dancehall artiste and composer MzVee says her mum will “kill” her if she drops out of school.

MzVee had earlier last week announced that she is abandoning schooling at the Ghana Telecom University College in Accra and enrolling on an online course to complete her education.

She said her reasons for taking that decision is that lecturers mark her down as they assume she does not have enough time for her education because of her career.

In an exclusive interview with TV3’s Adwoa Amorfa, the ‘Natural Girl’ hitmaker said she decided to switch schools to lessen her workload and stated that her mother will kill her if she does not finish her education.

“I’m not dropping out of school but I only want to lessen my work load as going to school and doing the music is really difficult.

“I’m still going to finish and get my degree so I am doing this online course so I can have time to do my studio work and also work whiles I travel and most importantly don’t get marked down for not attending lectures.”

She advised the youth to take education seriously to enable them find better opportunities in the future.

“Education is very important as I am here forcing people to go to school by doing a whole scholarship thing for them to go to school.

“I say it’s important because I am the kind of person who would like to manage my own business in future so I need general knowledge about business.

“It’s very easy to throw school away and just do music but I want that extra thing added to me so I am just going to finish school.

“There is no way I would have worked with the World Bank and gone to give speeches and stuff like that if I hadn’t gone to school.

“My mum will kill me by the way if I don’t finish school and I don’t want to disappoint her because she has really supported me right from the start so I need to do this for myself and for her.”

By Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana

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