Nollywood Actor Mr. Ibu Passes Away at 62

Nigerian comic actor Mr. Ibu has passed away, following his battle with a life-threatening illness disclosed in October last year.
In his quest for financial assistance, he received substantial support, notably from the ABS Foundation, which stepped in to cover the entirety of his medical expenses.

Despite the combined efforts of all involved, Mr. Ibu had to undergo seven surgeries, eventually leading to the difficult decision to amputate his leg on November 6, 2022.
Actor Ken Erics kept everyone informed about Mr. Ibu’s recovery progress with updates in January 2023.

He passed away on Saturday, March 2, at the age of 62. This sudden loss has left friends, colleagues, and fans grappling with disbelief and profound sorrow. The legacy of this comedic icon, celebrated for his unparalleled talent, will be eternally cherished by those whose lives were enriched by his artistry.

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