Ohhema Sanitary Pads names Fella Makafui as brand ambassador

Ohhema Sanitary Pads, a subsidiary of La Carte Company Ltd, has announced the appointment of Fella Makafui, the well-known Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, as the brand’s new ambassador.

Fella Makafui, who is known for her advocacy work and empowering women, will be the face of Ohhema sanitary pad’s latest campaign aimed at empowering and supporting women in Ghana and beyond on the need to maintain good menstrual hygiene.

Priscilla Danquah, a representative from Ohhema expressed excitement on the entrepreneur’s appointment, adding that the objective forms part of the company’s mission to help eradicate period poverty whiles educating young women about the importance of menstrual hygiene and general well-being.

“The whole campaign is to be part of the day to day of the everyday woman just like our slogan says. Over the years we have embarked on sponsorship campaigns to support some organisations with their charity events. We are excited to have Fella Makafui join us as our brand ambassador and now that we have her, there are going to be a lot of initiatives where we donate to women who are in need of basic famine health care and this is all in a bid to help eradicate the issue of period poverty,” .she added.

The new ambassador, will be featured in a series of campaigns and events that aim to educate and empower women. The campaign will focus on the importance of menstrual hygiene and how Ohhema sanitary pad can help women feel confident and comfortable during their periods.

Fella Makafui, the newly appointed ambassador expressed delight about the relationship and stated that she will work hard on this new project to guarantee that women and ladies who struggle to obtain access to the correct menstrual hygiene kits as pads are bridged.

“I am honored to be working with Ohhema. The brand was created to fill the void of lack of access to affordable menstrual products in Ghana and this partnership is to help in achieving that and based on the upcoming campaigns, we will ensure that the period poverty gap is bridged. This aligns with my personal goals to help the needy and as a woman, I understand the importance of menstrual hygiene, and I am excited to help spread the message of menstrual hygiene and empower women to take control of their bodies,” she said.

Fella Makafui, is also the founder of the Fella Makafui Foundation, a non-profit organization empowering young women and girls in Ghana, is known for her dedication to empowering women and promoting positive change. The foundation focuses on impacting and helping young people through humanitarian interventions.

About Ohemma

Ohhema sanitary pad is a leading brand in the feminine hygiene industry in Ghana. The brand was created by a Ghanaian woman who noticed the lack of access to affordable menstrual products in Ghana. She wanted to change the narrative of period shaming and empower women to have control over their menstrual health.

With a commitment to providing women with high-quality, affordable, and comfortable sanitary products, the brand will be introducing other feminine care products to help women with their hygiene and menstrual health issues.

Ohhema is passionate about making a difference in women’s lives and is dedicated to creating a world where period poverty is a thing of the past. Ohhema sanitary pad has become a trusted brand for women in Ghana and beyond. For more information, visit https://ohhema.com/

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