PHOTO: Fameye enstooled in Wasa as Wasa Nyankonton

Peter Famiyeh Bozah known by his stage name, Fameye, has elevated his status from a Highlife artiste to a Wasa chief.

Fameye was enstooled Sunday morning after he paid a royal visit to the Chief, Nana Sompreh II following his arrival in the Western Region ahead of his #FamilyLiveConcert.

It was there he was made to perform necessary rites including pouring of libation which made him eligible for the position of Wasa Nyankonton (The Rainbow of Wasa land).

Nana Sompreh II speaking on why Fameye is the chosen one remarked that the latter, through his music, has uplifted the name and identity of the region.

Though there are many artistes who hail from the Western Region, the Chief said Fameye has been exceptional in his conduct and craft.

Speaking after his enstoolment, Fameye, among other things, pledged to support the youth and continue to uphold in high esteem, the good name of Wasa.

He was adorned in a traditional kente garment and a crown to symbolize his newly achieved authority.

Check photos below:

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