Photo: Thomas Partey captures touching lips with his new white girlfriend

A new cosy photo of Asernal-Ghanaian Midfielder, Thomas Partey has surfaced online and received massive likes as captures the soccer star cooling off with his new girlfriend, Janine Jackson.

As seen in the circulating photos, Thomas Partey’s new girlfriend who is pregnant was rocking a nice bikini while seated on the player’s lap.

The newly loved birds were captured touching lips to subtly announce their fresh love life to the entire world.

Recall that last November, a Moroccan lady identified on Twitter as @deffonotchaur accused Thomas Partey of raping her.

According to her, the Ghanaian international raped her on June 19, 2021, when she was asleep during a holiday trip with him.

The Arsenal midfielder got away with the incident because the date she was raped when they were on holiday together was 10 days before UK law changed – allowing UK police forces jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the UK.

Meanwhile, this lady was Thomas Partey’s girlfriend when the said incident happened.

The lady’s accusations gained international recognition and subjected the player to severe scrutiny.

Fortunately for Thomas, he has been cleared off all the rape allegations and charges because the lady wasn’t able to provide enough evidence to cement her claims.

Thomas Partey’s girlfriend, Janine Mackson has announced that she and the Ghanaian international footballer are expecting a baby! See Photo below;

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