Regimanuel new territory receives major boost

Regimanuel Gray’s 1,200-acre Development near East Legon Hills has got a major boost as a 12km dual carriageway, spanning through the development, nears its completion stage

The 12km Road Project which connects the Adenta-Dodowa Highway, through Amanfrom Junction, to East Legon Hills, Nanakrom and Zeenu, is turning a sharp focus toward the vast developing lands in that area of Adenta in Accra.

Section 2 Intersection – Section 2 Intersection This connects to East Legon Hills, Nanakrom & Zeenu

In the wake of rising demand for housing in Accra, a surge in preference for more organised and gated residential estates is crystallising at this location. Regimanuel Gray’s new development is leading a pack of more than 12 Real Estate Developers who will be benefiting immensely as the road works approach the final stages.

Motorists have already started using portions of the completed arterial sections, to avoid rush hour traffic on the Adenta-Oyibi highway, and to connect to Nanakrom or Ashaleybotwe School Junction for those trying to reach East Legon.

Thanks to the Department of Urban Roads – Ghana, this road project is set to reduce the over 2 million road trips monthly on the  Adenta – Dodowa Highway and would likely mitigate the heavy traffic situation in the medium term.

Section 1 – From Amanfrom Junction towards Section 2 intersection leading to Section 3.

The housing sprawl towards south-eastern Accra, mostly by the middle to upper middle-income bracket, is the cause of the Adenta spillover, over the past 7 years, which has led to the heavy traffic situation on the Adenta – Dodowa Highway.