Resurfaced Video Reveals KODA’s Struggle with Wrong Medication for Almost 8 Months

A recently surfaced video featuring Gospel Artist KODA, born Kofi Owusu Dua Anto, has sparked controversy on social media.

The video emerged following his passing, reportedly from complications related to kidney disease.

In the video that has reemerged, KODA recalls a distressing event dating back to around 2016, during which he was administered medication inappropriate for his condition by a hospital in Takoradi. Despite openly sharing his health status, KODA realized he had unknowingly been consuming sulphur-based medication for almost eight months, which he emphasized was harmful to his health as a G6PD patient.

KODA shared, “I noticed that one major element I was given to take was a sulphur-based medication and immediately I told myself that but I know that I have a medical condition called G6PD.”

The video has elicited varied reactions, with some calling for an investigation into the hospital’s practices.

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