Return CPP’s confiscated assets or pay compensation – Greenstreet

Ivor GreenstreetFlagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP),  Ivor Kobina Greenstreet has called on government to return confiscated assets of the party or pay compensation for using them.

He said the party rightfully acquired the assets through contributions of its members and should not be treated as state properties.

“We believe these properties should be returned to us or compensation paid thereof or whatever it is that will put us in the same position if we had maintained the properties for so many years”, he said.

Addressing the media in the Eastern region as part of his ‘Thank you’ tour, Greenstreet registered the party’s displeasure with President Mahama for failing to address the issue of the party’s confiscated assets in the state of the nation address delivered February 25.

He said they had hoped the President would tell Ghanaians about the “status of advise” provided by the Attorney-General, but was surprised it was not mentioned.

Touching on some parts of the state of the nation address, Greenstreet said both the NPP and the NDC explain their achievements in job creation in terms of figures but “ordinary Ghanaians are complaining of not feeling it.”

He said the way both parties run the economy remain the same and that Ghanaians should consider the CPP as a compelling alternative in the coming election.

He reiterated CPP’s commitment to use the state as the engine of development.

Greenstreet said the CPP will empower industries and ensure that things are done differently.

“Things cannot remain the same. We cannot bring NPP back or we cannot also allow NDC to remain. The only alternative is the CPP”, he said.

Greenstreet further said the CPP will react to the President’s state of the nation address at the appropriate time.


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