Sally Mann defends Nana Ama McBrown’s husband

Outspoken Entertainment critic Sally Mann has attacked netizens for waging war against Maxwell Mensah, Nana Ama McBrown’s husband.

As rumours of McBrown’s husband’s infidelity heightened, he faced all sorts of backlashes for what has been described as not acknowledging the kind of wife he has.

In tons of videos making waves online, some netizens wondered why Mr. Maxwell Mensah would cheat on a ‘superwoman’ like McBrown, who they perceive is way out of his league.

But Sally Mann has frowned at this development.

In a discussion with Power FM, Sally has labelled individuals parading such assertions as gullible and unwise.

She has warned such people against projecting McBrown as more important and better than her husband.

“A lot of people are saying all sorts about this issue,” she said. “It has gotten to the point that some people are saying that the man doesn’t deserve her. Fools! That’s not what the Bible says. Those people are foolish. God has joined people together and fans are making unnecessary comparisons. Sitting in the comfort of their homes and identifying who among the couple is better than the other. When Maxwell was toasting Nana Ama McBrown, where were these social media sagging breast aunties?”

She continued: “It is their marriage and if you don’t have a solution for them, shut up! People should stop projecting Nana Ama McBrown over her husband. Stop making her look better than her husband. Nana Ama McBrown is not better than Maxwell. If he is engaging in extra marital affair, who are you to be talking about it? Stop insulting the man who honoured McBrown, it is as a result of this honour that a lot of brands now work with McBrown.”

Sally also said an old video of her labelling McBrown as a good wife, which is currently circulating on social media, was taken out of contest.

“This week, someone sent me a video of myself nine months ago, saying McBrown was a good wife,” she said. “The time I made those statements was around the exact time I was criticizing her for dressing like a Hollywood star when she had not even gotten anywhere close. It was around the exact time I spoke about her liposuction procedure. But as gullible and shallow minded some Ghanaians are, they are focusing on the part where I praised her for being a good wife. Such nonsense individuals. When people make statements, you want to pick the part that suits you and leave the important ones.”

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