Sensitize public on security simulation exercises – Kwesi Aning to National Security Ministry

Security analyst, Professor Kwesi Aning has urged the Ministry of National Security to deliberately sensitize the public on the significance of simulation exercises being conducted in parts of the country.

The Ministry embarked on one of such exercises in the Savannah, Oti and the Greater Accra Regions this week, as part of its response measures in the face of rising security threats.

Some neighbouring countries including Burkina Faso have been victims of terrorist attacks in recent times.

Speaking to Citi News on the matter, Professor Aning said collaboration with residents where simulation exercises are being conducted would yield better results.

“Part of the challenge is to get ordinary communities to build resilience and also to learn and to trust and cooperate with statutory security agencies. Although the initial idea of going out there, showing their presence, showing that they can be trusted… It’s contingent of those who lead these exercises that a deliberate attempt is made to explain their presence and to get the bag in of local communities and build trust and confidence in the capacity of these institutions to protect communities,” Mr. Aning said.

The Ministry of National Security is already leading a campaign dubbed “see something, say something” to increase public awareness and intelligence among communities.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in a radio interview in Wa in August 2022 said, “so far, by the grace of God, Ghana has been spared so far. We cannot be complacent and take that for granted. We need all of us to understand that the best way for making sure that our country continues to be at peace so that we can get on with resolving the challenges of development which is our main concern will be undermined if we go to sleep on these terrorists.”