Shocking! Ghana missing as P0rn Hub releases their Top 20 countries viewers in 2023

According to data released in December by the popular p0rn site, for the year 2023, Netizens in the Philippines took the longest to visit, averaging 11 minutes and 15 seconds per visit.

Additionally, the Philippines ranked as the second-largest global source of traffic, moving up three ranks from fifth last year.

Users in the Philippines spent the longest time per visit on, with each visit lasting an average of 11 minutes and 15 seconds, according to data published by the p0rn site in December.

The Philippines also made up the second biggest traffic source of in the world, rising three spots from last year’s fifth place.

P0rnhub did not release absolute numbers, but said the country is behind the United States, which took the top spot “by a landslide.”

Following the Philippines in the rankings of top traffic sources were, in order, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Brazil.

The Philippines and Japan were the only Asian countries in the top 20 with no African country making it into the top 20.

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