Slim Busterr narrates how he escaped alleged plot by a close friend to paralyse him

Veteran singer and dancer, Ebenezer Asare well-known as Slim Busterr has revealed that he narrowly escaped a plot set by his close friend which would have left him paralyzed if not for the grace of God.

Slim Busterr narrated how his close friend whom he thought was his defender turned out to be his nemesis and the source of his downfall in his music journey and personal life.

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV‘s Okukuseku show hosted by Emelia Brobbey, the “Marsherita” hitmaker disclosed that he discovered his friend’s cunningness through a mutual friend. He learned that his friend had been badmouthing him and promising to paralyze him because he felt that the money Slim was spending on doors for his new house could have been invested in his music.

“I had a friend who was with me almost all the time because I had invested in his music. He escorted me to a shop to buy doors for one of the houses I was building. I ordered for 7 Italian doors. He was shocked because he did not know I had properties in my name. I was later informed by a mutual friend that he badmouthed me and promised to paralyze me because he felt the money I was spending on doors could have been invested into his music,” he narrated.

The singer said the revelation by their mutual friend shocked him to the bone and he took steps to avert any calamity against him.

As if that was not enough, Slim Busterr said his ex-friend also poisoned the mind of his ex-lover who opted out of the relationship.

After gaining momentum in the music space, Busterr disclosed his ex-friend persuaded show organizers to cancel his gigs, all at his blind side.

In spite of these machinations, he said, he continued to house his friend until he caught him red-handed pouring water into his studio equipment.

‘I noticed my equipments were always faulty and I complained to my friend who comforted me. All this while, he was behind it. He would pour water into my studio equipment late at night. Everything was going wrong and it was all from the same person”.

Based on his experience, Slim Busterr said he is not very careful of the people he trust.

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