Social Media Urges Nigerian Pastor, Paul Enenche, to Apologize Amid ‘BSc Law’ Degree Controversy

Users on social media platforms are urging Nigerian pastor, Paul Enenche, from Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja to apologize to a female church member named Anyim Veronica Nnenna.

She was publicly accused of giving a ‘fake testimony’ during a Sunday service, leading to her embarrassment and accusations of dishonesty.

On Sunday, April 14, a viral video captured a member taking the pulpit to share her achievement: graduating with a “Bachelor of Law” degree from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) on Saturday, April 13. She proudly proclaimed herself as the first in her family to earn a degree, emphasizing that she attained a BSc in law.

“I’m the first graduate in my family. My siblings did not get to tertiary institutions due to some reasons. I was supposed to study Law for five years at the National Open University of Nigeria. However, I encountered some challenges that made me have an extra year,” she said.

During her testimony, Enenche interrupted, asserting that there’s no degree called “BSc in law,” challenging the validity of her claim. He also questioned her speaking ability, suggesting she didn’t sound like a law graduate. The pastor instructed her to return to her seat, cautioning that fabricating stories at the pulpit carries its own consequences.

He said: “We are not playing here, we are not faking anything here, when she started that testimony and she is talking law, I knew there was nothing like law, no matter how bad it is, it has not gotten to that level. She said she got a degree in law, what degree BSC?

“Is there any lawyer here who has a BSc in law?

“Lie testimony, come to stand on the altar to tell lies in the name of testimony, anyone who dares that does it at their detriment, comes to make it looks like the word of God is fake, that what God is doing is not real, you do it at the detriment of yourself,” he said.

Research conducted on the school’s website corroborates the existence of a “Bachelor of Law” program offered by the institution. Furthermore, social media users uncovered the woman’s Facebook page and photos confirming her graduation from NOUN.

Additionally, a graduation list from Saturday featured the woman’s name (Anyim Veronica Nnenna), graduating with an LLB in Law.

The video has ignited diverse responses on social media. Some are urging Enenche to apologize for his actions, while others support his stance. Those defending the pastor assert that the woman lacked the eloquence expected of a law graduate.

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